Martina News
(April - May 2000)

May 30, 2000: The draw for the womens doubles at the French Open is out. Martina and Mariaan will meet Sabine Appelmans of Belgium and Rita Grande of Italy in the first round. For the complete draw, courtesy of the Roland Garros website, click here.

May 30, 2000: To read the transcripts from Mariaan de Swardt's interview at Roland Garros today, click here. Mariaan talked about what it's like to play with Martina and their hopes of doing well at Wimbledon. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' has a nice article out today, featuring quotes by Martina taken from yesterday's press conference. For more on that, click here. Meanwhile, on the homefront, ' News' talks about the publicity Martina has been getting for her ice hockey team, the Aspen Motherpuckers, in another newsy article here. The French newspaper, 'Le Monde' also has an article on Martina, from yesterday. For the complete write-up (in French), click here.

May 29, 2000: The French Open website has an article summarizing Martina's press conference yesterday in Paris. Click here to read it. For transcripts (in French) of the press conference, click here. For the non-French speakers, you can translate the interview using the AltaVista Translation Service. The English version of the website also has a short video segment of the press conference, located here. For a photo of Martina yesterday, again courtesy of the Roland Garros website, click here. Click here to read an article from 'The Independent' that highlights some of the topics Martina talked about in her press conference.

May 28, 2000: Martina is in Paris for the French Open. This marks her return to Grand Slam competition for the first time since Wimbledon 1996. For a nice 'Associated Press' article, where Martina talks about a variety of subjects from her life these days to the possibility of her coaching young players, click here. The "Los Angeles Times" also features a nice article on Martina, click here for that.

May 26, 2000: Martina talked with CNN/ sometime before her comeback in Madrid. The interview can be read on their website, by clicking here. There is also a WAV file link at the end of the interview, so you can listen to Martina as well.

May 25, 2000: Martina and Mariaan were beaten in the quarterfinals in Madrid today. They lost to Gala León Garcia and María Antonia Sánchez Lorenzo 6-3 7-6(7-5). For the Reuters article, click here and for the 'AP' article, click here. The following pictures are taken from today's match. The first two by Reuters and the third by AP: Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three.

May 24, 2000: Martina and Mariaan play on Center Court tomorrow. Their match is the fourth one scheduled on that court. Their opponents are Gala León Garcia and María Antonia Sánchez Lorenzo, who won their first round match today by default. For the 'Agence France-Presse' French-language article on Martina's and Mariaan's first round victory in Madrid yesterday, click here. Good luck to Martina and Mariaan for tomorrow's match!

May 23, 2000: Congratulations to Martina and Mariaan for their impressive first round win today! They defeated Rika Hiraki and Meghann Shaughnessy 6-3 7-5 to advance to the quarterfinals of the 'Open de España Villa de Madrid'. Their next match will be played on Thursday against the winner of tomorrow's encounter between the #4 seeds, Virginia Ruano Pascual and Paola Suarez and Gala Leon Garcia and Maria Antonia Sanchez Lorenzo. For today's 'Reuters' article, click here and click here for the 'Associated Press' article. There is also another article out by the 'Press Association' that gives more details on the actual match itself, and you can read that here. In addition to this, the WTA Tour website has added a special section featuring quotes by Martina taken from her press conference after the match. Click here to read the details. Finally, here are today's photos. The first five are by 'AP,' the next five are by 'Reuters' and the last is by 'AFP': Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four, Photo Five, Photo Six, Photo Seven, Photo Eight, Photo Nine, Photo Ten, Photo Eleven.

May 22, 2000: Martina and Mariaan de Swardt will play their first round doubles match in Madrid tomorrow against Rika Hiraki of Japan and Meghann Shaughnessy of the U.S. For the complete doubles draw from the "WTA Tour Results" page, click here. The match is scheduled to take place on Center Court after three singles matches. For the complete schedule, courtesy of the WTA Tour, click here. There are two articles out today, where Martina is quoted talking about tomorrow's match and the tour return in general. For the article by 'Reuters', click here. For the 'Associated Press' article, click here. And for some more pictures of Martina, please click on the following links. The pictures are from today's practice session in Madrid. The first two are courtesy of Reuters, and the other three are by the 'Associated Press': Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four, Photo Five. Good luck to Martina and Mariaan for tomorrow's match!

May 21, 2000: Martina arrived in Madrid yesterday, reports the 'Associated Press.' Click on the following links for pictures from Martina's practice session in Madrid yesterday. The first four are by the 'Reuters,' and the next two are by the 'Associated Press': Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four, Photo Five, Photo Six.

May 13, 2000: Martina is quoted in today's 'Atlanta Journal-Constitution', talking about her television career as a commentator/analyst. Says Martina, "I have not had much feedback. I don't get mentioned, either bad or good." Well, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that Martina is definitely one of the best commentators out there today!

May 12, 2000: Click here to read a nice 'Associated Press' article on Martina's return. Martina talks about a variety of subjects from her sightseeing plans to the commentating options she had.

May 12, 2000: To read the announcement by Turner Sports on signing Martina as a television analyst for Wimbledon this year, click here. Martina was also quoted in yesterday's 'USA Today,' talking about her new position at Turner Sports. Apparently, Martina will serve as a courtside analyst. For more on that, click here. Scroll down to the heading "Navratilova adds TV to crowded plate."

May 8, 2000: To read an excellent article on Martina from the "USA Today" newspaper website, click here. The article focuses on Martina's work as an activist and she also talks about her interests and her upcoming tour return.

May 7, 2000: The Womens Sports Legends website has added an exclusive article on Martina to their "WSL News" section. Martina speaks about her highly-anticipated return to the womens tour and also discloses that she is currently working with former coach, Mike Estep, in preparation for her tour return. This is a "must-read" for all Martina fans. For the complete article, courtesy of WSL, click here.

May 7, 2000: Turner Sports has signed Martina to be on their commentating team at Wimbledon this year. This year marks the first time that TNT is covering the Championships in the U.S. and they are expected to televize 61 hours of Wimbledon coverage. Other commentators who have been signed so far include Mary Carillo, Jim Courier and Barry Mackay.

May 2, 2000: To read the transcripts of Martina's speech at the 'Millenium March on Washington' over the weekend, click here. For another picture of Martina in Washington D.C., playing with a dog, click here. The AFP picture is from the website of the 'Sydney Morning Herald.'

May 1, 2000: Any chance of Martina's tour comeback extending past Wimbledon? Click here, to find out in an "Associated Press" article regarding Martina's return to tennis in Madrid.

May 1, 2000: Martina also attended the "Equality Rocks" concert at the RFK Stadium in Washington D.C., Saturday night. Martina joined many of the night's performers and guests onstage during the final segment.

April 30, 2000: Martina was in Washington, D.C. today for the 'Millenium March on Washington for Equality'. She was one of the keynote speakers. The transcripts of Martina's speech will be posted on the website shortly. Earlier today, Martina was on CNN's "Sunday Morning News" program and talked with CNN anchor Kyra Phillips. For the transcripts from the interview, courtesy of CNN, click here. For a picture of Martina at the march, courtsey of the "PlanetOut" website, click here.

April 30, 2000: Click here for an article from the "Advocate" magazine website that deals with Martina's work for the Rainbow credit card program.

April 28, 2000: Martina has added a second Grand Slam event in her tour return plans! She and Mariaan de Swardt have entered the womens doubles at French Open, starting May 29. They will also play the "Open Paginas Amarillas Villa de Madrid" in Madrid, scheduled to begin on May 22. To read the complete Agence France-Presse article, click here.

April 26, 2000: Martina talks about her return to Wimbledon this summer in a brief but nice report on the BBC website. Click here to read all about it. They also have an audio clip of an interview with Mariaan de Swardt, who will partner Martina at Wimbledon in the doubles. For the 'Retuers' article on Martina's return, click here.

April 25, 2000: Click here for the latest "Associated Press" article, announcing Martina's return to Wimbledon; and here for the Agence France-Presse article.

April 24, 2000: The good news just got better! The 'Daily Telegraph' reports that Martina has asked the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club at Wimbledon to reserve a place for her and Mariaan de Swardt in the womens doubles. The article also stated that Martina will be honored, together with 60 past singles and doubles champions, in the middle Saturday of the Championships, July 1, in a grand parade on Centre Court.

April 19, 2000: Martina is scheduled to play in Hartford, Conn. this summer in the WTT match between the Electrics and the Hartford FoxForce on July 28. Martina will be honored by the Hartford team in a special "Women's Night" celebration. For more on that, click here.

April 19, 2000: Martina's brilliant career is featured in an nice biographical essay on the "" website. To read the article, click here.

April 18, 2000: Great news! Martina will participate in the WTA Tour womens doubles event at the Direct Line Insurance Championships in Eastbourne this year, partnering Mariaan de Swardt. The pair have been awarded a wild card by the tournament organizers. Click here for the brief 'Associated Press' article, and here for the Reuters one.

April 16, 2000: Martina's reminiscences on the Family Circle Cup in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina can be found in this article from the "Savannah Morning News." Scroll to the middle of the article for the quotes. The event is being played for the last time in Hilton Head Island, and will move to Charleston next year.

April 12, 2000: The roster draft for this season's WTT teams took place yesterday. Joining Martina and Mary Pierce with the Schenectady County Electrics are Rita Grande, Nannie De Villiers, Michael Hill and Brent Haygarth. For the complete article from the 'Times Union,' click here.

April 12, 2000: For a picture of Martina at Elton John's post-Oscars party on March 25, click here. Martina can be seen in the background, to the right of Jay Leno.

April 5, 2000: According to the 'Daily Gazette,' Martina may play as many as five home matches for the Schenectady County Electrics this season. Click here to read the article. To read a complete list of the marquee player drafts made yesterday in Chicago (courtesy of 'USA Today'), click here.

April 4, 2000: The World TeamTennis marquee player drafts were conducted today and it is confirmed: Martina will be playing WTT this year! She remains with the Schenectady County Electrics. The Electrics have also signed Mary Pierce for two league matches. This year's WTT season is scheduled to run from July 10-30. The roster player drafts will be conducted on April 11.

April 3, 2000: On March 29, a full-page Subaru advertorial featuring Martina appeared in "USA Today." For those who haven't seen it yet, click here for the complete article and pictures.

April 2, 2000: According to the 'Philadelphia Daily News,' Martina was present at the NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four in Philadelphia, on Friday, March 31. Also among the spectators was Billie Jean King.

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