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The following pages contain autobiographical information on Martina or pictures or both.
Most are either created by fans or are taken from reference sites.

Martina's Home Page: in Italian and English.
Martina Navratilova Unofficial Pages: by LS, in Czech
A Martina Navratilova Fan Site: by Visiri Rasikan.
Navratilova at the US Open: by Mary Titus.
Martina Navratilova: by Womens Sports Legends.
Martina Pics: by Val Cuthbertson.
Martina Navratilova: by 'Women In Sports'.
Legend of Martina Navratilova: by Nestor Matos.
Martina Navratilova: by Danuta Bois.
Martina Navratilova: by Karim Farishta.
Martina Navratilova: by U-X-L Biographies of the Gale Group.
Martina Navratilova: by Encyclopedia Britannica's "Women in American History".
Martina Navratilova: by EarthBase, Inc.
Martina Navratilova: by Encarta Encyclopedia Online.
Creative Quotations from Martina Navratilova: by ''.
Martina Navratilova: by 'The Knitting Circle' of South Bank University, London.
Martina Navratilova "A Living Legend": by the Women's Sports Foundation on LIFETIME online.

The following are articles on Martina appearing on the web dating back to 1994.
I will add more articles from previous years as time goes by.

Articles courtesy Nando News Media
Jan. 22, 1995: Serenity meets the ultimate athlete reborn
Feb. 23, 1995: King to lead U.S. into new Federation Cup
Mar. 23, 1995: Navratilova named to U.S. Fed Cup team
Apr. 13, 1995: Navratilova not interested in return to singles scene
Jun. 06, 1995: Seles to return for July exhibition with Navratilova
Jun. 13, 1995: Navratilova may team up with McEnroe at Wimbledon
Jun. 13, 1995: Navratilova and Graf receive a wild-card entry for Wimbledon doubles
Jun. 18, 1995: Navratilova likes being single again
Jun. 21, 1995: Navratilova hits back at critic Cash
Jun. 22, 1995: Tennis celebrities pay last respects to former great Fred Perry
Jun. 26, 1995: Navratilova makes a smooth transition to the booth
Jun. 27, 1995: Navratilova eliminated from competition when doubles partner Graf withdraws
Jun. 28, 1995: Navratilova would have loved to play singles
Jun. 30, 1995: Temperature reaches 110 but competition not as hot (see end)
Jul. 04, 1995: Navratilova, Stark playing well in Wimbledon doubles
Jul. 09, 1995: Navratilova wins mixed with player she had only just met
Jul. 09, 1995: Navratilova pondering Wimbledon singles comeback
Jul. 10, 1995: Navratilova lashes out at tennis' top women
Jul. 19, 1995: Seles to return ranked co-number one
Jul. 20, 1995: Seles keeps #1 spot thanks to Navratilova
Jul. 26, 1995: Navratilova says she will play Seles as planned
Jul. 26, 1995: Navratilova won't let injury derail Seles exhibition
Jul. 30, 1995: Monica Seles sharpening her skills for return to pro play
Aug. 14, 1995: More mature Seles enjoys her return to tennis
Aug. 23, 1995: Navratilova passes on another term as association's president
Aug. 24, 1995: Navratilova to give up Players Association role
Aug. 24, 1995: Navratilova won't seek TPA re-election
Aug. 26, 1995: Sabatini, Sanchez Vicario win exhibition matches
Aug. 28, 1995: Werdel-Witmeyer succeeds Navratilova at WTA president
Aug. 28, 1995: Werdel-Witmeyer replaces retiring Navratilova as WTA player president
Oct. 12, 1995: Navratilova lobbies against Maine gay rights referendum
Jan. 15, 1996: Navratilova sues tennis club
Apr. 12, 1996: Navratilova's happy, has no plans for a full-time comeback
May. 04, 1996: Navratilova avenges Chicago legends tour loss
May. 05, 1996: Navratilova tops Garrison Jackson
May. 18, 1996: Navratilova and Billie Jean King lead
May. 19, 1996: Navratilova closes spring tour with victory
Jun. 17, 1996: Navratilova, Kramer to participate in ceremonies
Jun. 23, 1996: AT THE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Martina's back, aiming to tie King's record
Jun. 29, 1996: Wimbledon Roundup see end
Jul. 05, 1996: AT THE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Martina on move see end
Sep. 09, 1996: Navratilova wants best-of-five for women
Oct. 06, 1996: Evert leads team to victory in Legends event
Oct. 19, 1996: Navratilova celebrates 40th birthday with victory
Oct. 20, 1996: Navratilova beats Evert in Legends competition
Dec. 07, 1996: Evert, Austin teams lead in Legends
Dec. 08, 1996: Evert beats Navratilova in Legends Tour
Dec. 13, 1996: Navratilova named U.S. Fed Cup captain

Articles courtesy TENNIS magazine
April 1996: One more Wimbledon for Martina
February 1997: Past greats rate the greats-to-be Martina on Martina!
May 1997: The Captain's dilemma
December 1997: Best strokes of the pros Check out Martina's Serve and Volley game

Articles courtesy Exposure, the online Tennis magazine
October 1995: Fans Online Great article by Connie White Mills, loyal Martina fan
August 1995: Fed Cup: USA vs. Japan - Match Report
August 1995: Fed Cup: USA vs. Japan - Interview Highlights

Miscellaneous Articles
She Succeeds as a Person, As an Athlete: article by Mike Downey in the LA Times; dated circa July 1990
Last Waltz at Wimbledon: from TIME magazine; dated July 11, 1994 Volume 144, No.2
An extraordinary talent: from the Evening Standard Online; dated circa 1994
Martina Navratilova Retired: from "Czech the News"; dated December 12, 1994 Volume II, No.12
Tennis Great Retires: from the National NOW Times; dated January 1995
The Legends of Tennis: Introduction to the Virginia Slims Legends Tour on "The Tennis Server"
Martina was alone on top: Special article as part of ESPN's "SportsCentury"; dated November 1998

Photo Galleries :
The following are a few picture galleries containing photos of Martina
Downloading pictures is not possible without payment

Corbis Picture Experience: collection of 57 pictures (at the last count) from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s
Tennisphotos: collection of 11 photos; search by name or year
Sporting Images Australia Online Database: gallery containing 10 pictures; enter "Navratalova" (note spelling change) in Search box
Mirror Syndication International: collection of 85 pictures from the 1980s and 1990s.
Photocave: collection of a variety of photos from the early-80s to the present.

A couple of interviews covering the years 1992 to 1994, courtesy of ASAP Sports
Below, I've listed the matches which the interviews cover

1992 US Open - Navratilova def. Stafford 4-6 6-1 7-5
1992 US Open - M.Maleeva def. Navratilova 6-4 0-6 6-3
1993 US Open - Navratilova def. Appelmans 6-1 6-3
1993 US Open - Navratilova def. Rittner 6-4 4-6 6-2
1993 US Open - Sukova def. Navratilova 7-5 6-4
1993 US Open - Sukova/Woodbridge def. Navratilova/Woodforde 6-3 7-6(8-6)
1993 Virginia Slims Championships - Navratilova def. Tauziat 6-4 6-4
1993 Virginia Slims Championships - Pierce def. Navratilova 6-1 3-6 6-4
1994 Virginia Slims Championships - Interview with Craig Kardon
1994 Virginia Slims Championships - Sabatini def. Navratilova 6-4 6-2
1994 Virginia Slims Championships - Novotna/Sanchez Vicario def. Bollegraf/Navratilova 6-2 6-4

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